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No, we are proposing will not abandon Whatsapp, which will in turn

marginalized social

Users without an essential application. However, it certainly well in more than one occasion Whatsapp are we left with the middle icon hanging clock so and even has enviado- with just a check-and, consequently, is in servers Whatsapp, but has not gotten to destinatario-. In the immediate Despair because we see that the message does not arrive, sometimes take drastic decisions: call send an SMS, spending money that You had not anticipated. Thus, it should also wonder if that message was that by sending Whatsapp not … but that’s another story it.

A lightweight alternative and we work well so it Kik Messenger, free application and multi platform for instant messaging. You will say, but it none of my contacts have it!. Right. However, its use, being alternative, we believe that we can send more to these three four contacts on absolutísima trust and frequent exchange of messages, as a brother, girlfriend, husband for that mini group of geeks we want is a touch of distinction “. And so far, and that’s important, has not failed us. We give below a small Glance.

Kik Messenger is asking Starts registration email and password, and once you’ve done and for the first time to enter the application will ask us locate contacts through the agenda. As you will suppose, if you ask us e-mail, it means that no application is based on the phone number and indeed we could install kik messenger pc on a tablet without 3G Wi-Fi. Once scanned agenda, regular contact elements bleak the outlook it: zero contact, contact with the installed application is most common. Therefore, as mentioned, it is an alternative application to coordinate with very specific people: you can not ask your tens of Kik Messenger contacts are installed, but what you can do with certain people.

The next screen, set the contacts, is to initiate conversation, which can attach pictures except mistake, no videos, which is an unfavorable comparison with Whatsapp- and various smileys, though not as many as Whatsapp-. Very simple and spartan, but mainly cash, which is important if an alternative look. With fewer choices, such as not including the choice of location to notify our recipient, but effective.

Finally, we have the option settings for defining Notifications, blocked users, the background colors of the messages and any other option. As you can see, nothing complicated and yes simple. There are other options that we Instant Messaging and above dealer will be able to function as best result Kik Messenger, and of course we will not abandon Whatsapp at least, until it reaches another application that carry by front of him, but a good Kik product, simple and effective, the end that is what counts.

The version that is to have described Windows Phone, but basically they are all very similar. One last advantage Kik Messenger is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian – Nokia Belle and even Blackberry, although in this case has not approved the application last RIM.

If you want more information, is available at

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Citrix Works At The software

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End of October in Munich Citrix Technology Exchange 2014. – This year, more than 1,200 people. We were of course in the largest technology conference Citrix in Europe while and let us know in detail about current approaches, best practices and future developments.

A total stood at the two days, more than 60 breakout sessions on the program – and a Keynote with some very exciting announcements and an overview of the overall strategy. Basically summarizes its Citrix solutions now under the heading “Software-Defined Workplace together. Following the Software-Defined Data Center or the Software Defined Network it comes Citrix therefore, completely abstracting also the IT workplace of the user from the physical infrastructure. All required applications, services and data to be merged in a virtual environment that is independent of location and terminal available.

To make this possible, Citrix has expanded its core products XenApp, XenDesktop,, XenMobile and NetScaler with new functions and are also working to optimize the interaction of the individual components continues to operate.

My personal highlights on the Technology Exchange were:

NetScaler Mobile Stream: 10.5 Citrix NetScaler has introduced the Mobile Stream technology, which brings extreme performance improvements for EDGE, 3G and LTE networks with them. Mobile apps are so run up to 5x faster.

Integration of GoToMyPC in WorxDesktop: XenMobile offers WorxDesktop an app that can access from their mobile device to your own PC with the user. So they have the move data from their local drives always there (unless the PC also runs straight).

Remote PC Access with Wake on LAN (WOL): XenDesktop 7.6 now offers the ability to use WOL with Remote PC Access. This allows users to start from their corporate PC and access to all necessary applications and documents, for example, from the Home Office.

Receiver X1: In the first half of 2015, a new Citrix Receiver, which can be tailored to the company’s design appears. Thus, a single image on all devices is also possible for the user again. In addition, Citrix will introduce “application groups, similar to those on the App Store. So the user can, for example, a “Subscribe to Health bundle and then receives all of its applications. In addition, Citrix will also incorporate a rating function. WorxHome is henceforth replaced by the new receiver X1.

Receiver 4.2: Coming soon to a new receiver version for Windows still appear, which will contain a number of improvements.

XenMobile / Project Titan: Citrix is ​​working on an appliance for Mobile Application Management (MAM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM). This Linux-based appliance will make the previously required MDM server superfluous. In addition, this access to the MDM via a NetScaler VIP address is possible.

Activists want spyware on computers tracking

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Spyware can investigate computer users virtually complete. This not only civil rights challenges. Now, a coalition of Internet activists want to help with diagnostic software.

Internet activists against cyber espionage

Internet activists have released a software to detect spyware on the computers of journalists and human rights activists. Such programs are to have partly on the Internet or are sold by specialized companies to governments, the group, which is supported by renowned human rights organizations such as Amnesty International said. Some of spying programs are characterized virtually all actions of computer users: you can log keystrokes, turn on cameras and microphones and monitor online activities. It is very difficult for victims to see if your computer is infected with such a program.

The software called “Detect to detect the spying programs. So far, they are available in a version for Windows computers and is available for download at. Has developed Detect the IT security specialist Claudio Guarnieri, who explored the aggressive spying programs for years. This land is usually prepared via websites or e-mail attachments on the computers of espionage victims. Such monitoring programs would be used against journalists, activists or human rights activists denounced the organizations. For the Alliance include Amnesty International, the Digital Society and the American net activists the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and Privacy International.

PC foreclose: Best Safety Tips

Install software updates

Criminals use software vulnerabilities to inject malicious software on your PC. For protection, check yourself regularly that your programs are outdated! Update outdated applications via an update. If possible, set that your programs keep themselves current via automatic update.

Install Windows updates

In addition to application updates, you should regularly install Windows updates. The updates plug security holes in your operating system. Tip: Configure so that the system automatically applies Windows Updates. Press the Windows key and press R, type wuapp and click OK. Select Modify settings and activate the setting Install updates automatically (recommended).

Upgrading to newer Windows

Start using Windows XP? Then you should upgrade to Windows 7 for security reasons or 8.1. Since April 2014 Microsoft provides namely no security updates for the operating system more elderly. If your PC meets the requirements for systems, see the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor or Windows 8.1 Upgrade Wizard out.

Foreclose PC via firewall

Use a firewall! Such a fire wall fends off attacks by hackers and prevents unauthorized programs contact the Internet. Firewalls are available in both routers and in the form of Windows software. For best protection you combine hardware and software firewall. Do not you want to use the operating system’s firewall, install as the ZoneAlarm Free Firewall As with anti-virus software here: Only use a software firewall, otherwise the system could operate unstable.

Use complex passwords

Use with any Internet service another password. Each password should be constructed as complicated as possible. We recommend at least eight characters, uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. Tip: Use the first letter of a sentence to obtain safe and at the same time easy to remember passwords. An example: “My two PCs I use the operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8 and Linux =” AmzPnidBW7, W8uL.

Uninstall Unnecessary Programs

Uninstall programs you do not need. In this way, you reduce the attack surface for malware. To get rid of unnecessary applications, press the Windows key and R type, and click OK. Double-click a program that you no longer need, and follow the uninstall wizard.

Remove superfluous browser plug-ins

Crap you not only with Windows programs, but also in your browser plug-ins from time to time. In Firefox, press the Alt key, click Tools, Add-ons and extensions in the category of all unwanted add-on programs, click Remove. Lastly, click Restart Now. Users of Chrome, click the Setup icon at the top right, click Tools and Extensions. By clicking on the trash icon and remove delete unwanted plug-ins.

Load programs only from reliable sources

Download new software downloaded only from reliable sources. Recommended for programs of any kind is about the viruses tested the download area of ​​COMPUTER BILD For other sources sometimes you run the risk that you will get the installation programs that install next to the desired software unwanted components (called junkware).

Check websites in doubt

You are not sure whether a site is trustworthy? Check it on URLVoid! On the side of the address of the web page that will appear questionable. After clicking Submit estimates appear from over 20 services for the safety assessment.

Avoid websites with illegal content

Keep yourself away from sides, on which illegal content. These include the very latest movies, free music from the charts or applications that render the trial versions for free full version. The offer may seem tempting, but almost always here there are also plenty of malicious programs.

Beware of rogue advertising

With advertising banners also states: Watch out! Advertising on some sites leads to dubious offers. There is, for example, Trialware paid tuning software, their removal is not always easy. Do you want to try a advertised software that works safely in a virtual PC as VirtualBox

Do not open e-mail attachments from unknown senders

Receive an e-mail from an unknown person you, you better leave it alone. If a file is attached, it may just be a virus or trojan. In particular, in the context of current events alleged profits or job offers criminals often send e-mails with a defective Annex.

Use User Account Control

Since Vista bring Windows operating systems, the protective function UAC (User Account Control) with – User Account Control. It protects your PC from unwanted changes. Start or install such a program, first, a warning window will appear. Only when you confirm the message, it goes on. Verify that the user account control is on: Press the Windows key and press R, type userAccountControl settings and confirm with OK. Per slider switch UAC if necessary.

Do not rely on Windows passwords

Windows passwords do not provide basic protection, but more. With special boot CDs, such as the COMPUTER BILD emergency DVD Free, the secret words are easily resettable. Better protection for sensitive data provides an encryption; recommended, for example VeraCrypt A BIOS password improve security: you start your PC, press the appropriate key to enter the BIOS setup, such as F2. You can set a password without your future will not boot PC.

If the examination strike, activists strongly advise not to use the computer. One should therefore no longer connect to the Internet. “We recommend that you speak with an expert. The could examine the technical details and may help remove malware from your computer.

Detect is not a complete protection

While emphasizing the activists that their tool does not guarantee complete security, “Even if Detect finds no traces of spyware on a computer that does not mean that there is no present. Providers could change about their programs to be no longer detectable. (With material of dpa)